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Celebrating Our Members – Groupe Park Avenue

We are pleased to present Groupe Park Avenue, which had the honour of participating, for the 13th consecutive year, in the annual Centraide campaign that took place from October 14 to 29.

The 3rd Annual National Drive Electric Week

Ready to make the switch? The electrification of transportation is making headlines as a growing concern for the environment leads more and more Quebecers to seek out greener solutions to reduce their ecological footprint, including the purchase of electric vehicles.

The Advantages of Driving Electric in Quebec

With gas prices at an historic high in Quebec (close to $1.50 per litre), more and more consumers are making the switch to a plug-in hybrid vehicle (LEV) or electric vehicle (ZEV). Look for vehicles with a distinctive green license plate (not applicable to non plug-in hybrid vehicles).

Women in the Workplace: An Asset to the Industry

For years, the comité sectoriel de main-d’œuvre des services automobiles (CSMO-Auto) has been promoting the automotive industry and its professions to various populations, including women.

Quebec’s Commitment to Electric Transportation

Quebec is a leader in the field of electric transportation. The fourth largest producer of hydroelectricity, a clean and renewable source of energy, in the world, it also boasts a reliable distribution network and world-renowned expertise.

Zero Emission: Dealers Moving Into the Future

The Zero Emission Vehicle (ZEV) Standard came into effect on January 11, 2018. While some U.S. states have similar laws, Quebec is the first Canadian province to adopt such legislation.