Giving a Voice to Women in the Automotive Industry!

The CCAQ and Scotiabank conducted a survey, collecting up-to-date information on women working in the automotive industry.

Watch the discussion between Robert Poëti, President and CEO of the CCAQ, and Sylvie Gagnon, General Manager of Sales and Market Manager for the Province of Quebec at the Dealer Finance Centre at Scotiabank, to learn about the motivation behind the initiative and the importance of encouraging and empowering women to succeed.


The CCAQ’s objective concerning women in the automotive industry

As industry representatives, it is important that we give women a voice if we wish to contribute to the development of programs that promote the recruitment, advancement, well-being, and retention of the female workforce and a more representative promotion of trades in the automotive industry.

The Scotiabank Women Initiative

The Scotiabank Women Initiative is a program designed to prioritize the advancement of women in key positions in several industries, including the automotive sector. Its mission is to help women take their businesses to new heights by providing access to capital, mentoring, and training.