Are you interested in becoming part of the second largest economic force in Quebec? The automotive sector represents more than 45,000 direct jobs in the province and offers a wide range of professional opportunities. With a high recruitment rate, excellent working conditions, competitive salaries, opportunities for advancement, ongoing training, and more, there are many advantages to working in the industry. Nevertheless, a lack of qualified workers remains a major concern for companies, and many positions are waiting to be filled.


Industry efforts

Develop human resources skills and management practices to…

Implement effective recruitment programs to identify needs and attract qualified and reliable workers.

Create outreach campaigns aimed at women and immigrant workers to expand the labour pool.

Retain staff through excellent working conditions, including wages and benefits, a team-oriented culture, and human relationships to foster a sense of belonging within the company.

Encourage continuous skills development and training to…

Help team members acquire new knowledge and skills to remain competitive in a constantly evolving industry.

Offer workers and employers several advantages, including a sense of accomplishment and the opportunity to explore and evolve within a company that values their contribution. This can also help companies build employee loyalty and remain competitive by keeping up with new technologies and industry advances, while ensuring reliable and competent succession.

Promote trades in the automotive industry to…

Deliver relevant and comprehensive information to the public regarding job opportunities and the benefits of working in the industry.

Expand the labour pool by attracting new candidates such as women and immigrant workers through targeted information campaigns and international recruitment.

Promote training, internship, and prior learning assessment programs in educational institutions to attract and retain more students in fields associated with the automotive industry.

Training programs for all employment sectors

Quebec’s automotive industry benefits from a vast network of vocational training centres as well as other relevant programs offered in schools. Whether they lead to a vocational diploma, technical training, or a university degree, these programs are useful in producing skilled workers in every sector:

o Passenger vehicles
o Recreational vehicles
o Heavy vehicles
o Recycling

These programs offer quick and easy access to employment, even before graduation. And the career choices are numerous:

o Management and administration: office work, human resources management, accounting, marketing and communications, etc.
o Consulting: sales and sales operations management, technical services and support, etc.
o Mechanics: passenger, recreational, and heavy vehicle mechanics, etc.
o Auto body repair: painting, damage appraisal, etc.
o Specialized trades: specialized cleaning services, road vehicle dismantling, etc.

For a complete list of employment opportunities and training programs, visit the Comité sectoriel de main-d’œuvre des services automobiles (CSMO-Auto) website and click on Métiers de l’industrie (Industry Trades).