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The Electrification
of Transportation

Quebec car dealers play an important role in the electrification of transportation and reducing the environmental footprint of the automotive sector. Our members offer various models of electric vehicles, plug-in hybrids, and extended-range electric vehicles to meet the evolving needs of consumers.

In April 2021, Quebec had more than 100,000 electric or plug-in hybrid vehicles on the road!


Electric vehicles can travel long distances

The range of an electric vehicle depends on the model. Quebec has a large network of electric charging stations that make it possible for drivers of electric cars to recharge quickly and travel long distances.

Several models have an extended range that allows for longer trips without having to recharge.

Quebec winters are no match for electric vehicles

Electric vehicles have heating systems that are powerful, fast, and efficient.

Unlike with a gasoline car, you do not have to wait for the engine to warm up to generate heat.

Heated steering wheels and seats are often standard and use very little energy to warm up the passenger compartment.

Electric vehicles handle as well as, if not better than, gasoline vehicles

Electric vehicles feature instantaneous initial acceleration.

The electric motor is exceptionally quiet, especially when driving in the city.

Handling and suspension are comparable to gasoline vehicles.

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Drive Electric!

The CCAQ and CAA-Quebec have produced four short videos to educate the public about little-known aspects of electric vehicles (EVs).

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Find a charging station

Now more than 3,000 charging stations, including more than 450 fast charging stations!

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Makes and models available

All makes and models available at CCAQ member dealers


The essentials of electromobility

A practical guide developed by the CCAQ and CAA Quebec to help you get started in the world of electromobility

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