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ULTRA - Employment credit management

A wide range of services
developed with our members in mind

For over 20 years, Ultra, a subsidiary of the CCAQ, has offered a wide range of services developed specifically for our members, including credit investigations and background checks for future employees. Ultra also offers advice on matters relating to credit and accounts receivable management.

Customized services

Whatever you need, Ultra can help. Our team is ready to guide you through the entire process with advice, answers, and comprehensive support. We know that these things take time, expertise, and access to specialized resources, and our team is more than qualified to handle these situations efficiently and professionally.


We help streamline the hiring process with quick and thorough screening so that members can find qualified and trustworthy personnel. As a result, our members’ labour needs are met quickly and with complete transparency.

Credit checks

Whether a potential customer is a company or an individual, our members can count on us to make sure they are creditworthy. Credit checks are performed legally and with utmost respect for all parties.


Debt collection

Our dealers know that we are here to help them recover any overdue accounts. Our team has access to all the necessary resources and works closely with CCAQ lawyers to ensure that each case is handled legally and respectfully.