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Labour Shortage! Women Are Competent and Available Candidates

The labour shortage that we have been expecting is finally upon us. Employers are out of ideas and tired of looking for creative solutions.

Increasing gender diversity in the workplace could be the answer! Women workers are an important asset for several reasons.

How can we encourage more women to choose the automotive industry and what can employers do to recruit them?

Currently, women are a minority in the industry, in part because of the prejudices and stereotypes still present in our society. As an employer, you have the power to change this situation by taking a few simple steps. For example, you can feminize job postings to let women know that they are welcome in your company.

There is still much work to be done to make workplaces more welcoming and equitable. Women who choose traditionally male professions and trades face obstacles such as hiring discrimination, harassment, bullying, and a lack of work-life balance. Add to that the personal prejudices held by candidates and their peers about jobs in environments with low female representation.

What can you do?

  • Have you considered conducting a survey of your employees? You might be surprised by the nature of their needs, and their comments may help you attract new candidates.
  • Have you recently reviewed your hiring practices and onboarding structures for new employees? Your recruitment process may include elements that unintentionally discriminate against women.
  • Consider the needs of your employees! Workers who have more benefits are more loyal, more productive, and contribute to a positive work environment. Women are no exception to this rule: they appreciate employers who offer better working conditions.
  • Implement an up-to-date workplace harassment policy and encourage your team to discuss the issues on a regular basis to encourage a respectful work environment.
  • Given current recruitment and retention challenges, offering work-life balance measures designed for both women and men can be a significant advantage. Today, it is important for everyone to balance their personal and professional responsibilities for a healthy life.

Better management of human resources will benefit all employees, regardless of gender, now and in the future.

Want to do more? Try reaching out to schools and the community to promote trades and professions in the automotive industry. Is an employee at your company interested in being a role model for young women? Volunteer together and spread the word about what the industry has to offer!